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Kalama Job Opportunities


Join Our Team

ASC Steel Deck is opening a new facility in the Pacific Northwest. The new 55,000 square foot facility located in Kalama, WA will serve steel deck needs for the entire West Coast—and we want you to be part of it.

Since 1975, ASC Steel Deck has been a leading manufacturer of structural steel deck and roof products. Our products can be seen throughout the Western United States where design and structural integrity are paramount.

If you enjoy working with people who are practical, put safety first, and care about the communities in which they work, then ASC Steel Deck is the place for you.

Upcoming Events

No new events currently…Please check back

Help Us Build Cool Projects!

ASC Steel Deck has been involved in many projects such as stadiums, hospitals, sports arenas, airports, office buildings, industrial warehouses, colleges, and universities.

Boeing Everett 777x Factory – Everett, WA
DGN-32 Structural Steel Roof Deck Apple Park
Apple Park, Apple Computer Headquarters – Cupertino, CA
Husky Stadium – Seattle, WA

Our Employees Say We're a Great Place to Work

Judson Heller
Manufacturing Manager
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Jaime Jimenez
Coil Handler
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Rob Nelson
Production Scheduler
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Andee Hunt
Customer Services Representative
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Manual workers working

Our People Are Our Strength

We are a strong and successful company, and we offer opportunity generated by our exciting business strategy. The attractive pay and benefits are only part of the story.

EVP Final

We have Great Benefits!

  • On-the-Job Training
  • Competitive Pay
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • Wellness and EAP
  • Life and Accident Insurance
  • Short and Long-Term Disability Program
  • 401(k) Great Contribution and 100% Vesting Schedule
  • Education Assistance Program
  • Career Development and Advancement
  • Flexible Work
  • Inclusive Work Teams

To us, sustainability means developing, manufacturing and selling steel products and solutions in a manner that provides for a sustainable future. This requires a focus on continuous improvement, adopting new operating methods and anticipating new products to support the future needs of a sustainable society.

We understand the range of perspectives that result from having a diverse and inclusive workplace. This will strengthen our capability for continued and sustained business success. We know that a talented and capable workforce is a competitive advantage.

To build on this advantage we will strive to hire, develop, promote and retain the most qualified people available at all levels – people who reflect the diversity of our customers, markets and the communities in which we operate.

Our Beliefs

Our Bond – the company charter of ASC Profiles LLC expresses the principles that serve to guide our decisions and actions.

About two hundred employees from across the BlueScope Steel Companies were involved in creating the document. From the employee contributions, it was clear that having a document which clearly articulated our aims and embodied our aspirations as a company was enormously important to all.


We and our customers proudly bring inspiration, strength
and color to communities with BlueScope Steel.


Our success depends on our customers and suppliers choosing us.
Our strength lies in working closely with them to create value
and trust, together with superior products, service and ideas.


Our success comes from our people. We work in a safe and satisfying
environment. We choose to treat each other with trust and respect and
maintain a healthy balance between work and family life. Our experience,
teamwork and ability to deliver steel inspired solutions are our most
valued and rewarded strengths.


Our success is made possible by the shareholders and lenders
who choose to invest in us. In return, we commit to continuing
profitability and growth in value, which together, make us all stronger.


Our success relies on communities supporting our business and products.
In turn, we care for the environment, create wealth, respect local values
and encourage involvement. Our strength is in choosing to do what is right.

Supporting our community is one of the principles from our bond that our communities are our homes. At ASC Steel Deck, we realize there is a correlation between supporting our community and the success of our business.

Since our community is our home, we encourage employees to take part in community service activities.

The Progress Center and the Community House on Broadway are just a few of the local charities and organizations we work with to improve the community. The needs of our local community include food pantries, youth development programs, domestic abuse programs, homeless shelters, educational scholarships at community colleges, quarterly blood drives, and many other worthy causes.

Our people are our strength. We work in a safe and satisfying environment.

We take our responsibilities in the area of health and safety very seriously. Our health and safety management systems are a key factor in our decision-making processes.

We seek continual improvement in our performance and aspire towards a goal of zero harm to people. This goal is an important driver for continuous improvement in health and safety performance across the BlueScope Steel.

We have in place a comprehensive company-wide Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Its purpose is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, visitors and the public.


Working safely is a condition of employment.

Employee involvement is essential.

Management is accountable for safety performance.

All injuries can be prevented.

Training employees to work safely is essential.

All operating exposure can be safeguarded.

These beliefs form the basis for achieving our goal of “Zero Harm” .

Watch Us in Action!

See Our New Riveting Manufacturing Process

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