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Our Project Submittal Tool makes it easy for you to design, specify, and build.

ASC Steel Deck – Leading the Way for Over 50 Years

Leading the Way for Over 45 Years

ASC Steel Deck is a leading structural steel roof and floor deck manufacturer that prides itself on delivering technical expertise and exceptional service that assures success in every project.  As the only manufacturer on the West Coast to offer a full line of light gauge structural products and a team with an unmatched commitment, ASC Steel Deck is your partner in meeting the needs of the most complex projects. With many innovative contributions and first-to-market solutions, such as the 36/7/4 attachment pattern and 32” N-deck (3” deep roof deck), ASC Steel Deck continues to be at the forefront of providing product solutions that offer the highest performance with the lowest installed costs.

Project Submittal tool

ASC Steel Deck is making the submittal process easier for you.

With three simple steps, our new Project Submittal Tool allows you to quickly build your submittal package that includes a cover letter and corresponding load tables reflected in an IAPMO Report.

Step 1

Project Information

Complete basic project information and click NEXT.

Step 2

Product & Parameters

Select the panel type, size, product, gauge, required attachments and click Build My Submittal Package.

Step 3

Build Submittal Package

Click “Download Submittal Package” to print your submittal package.

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