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Steel Deck Resources:




Steel Deck Resource Cheat Sheet

Underwriters Laboratories UL-Fire Ratings

ASC Steel Deck products that bare the UL approved mark have been investigated for fire resistance. Underwriters Laboratories is an independent, product safety testing and certification organization. ASC Steel Deck has been evaluated for fire resistance per UL 263 Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials. See UL directory for fire rated assemblies.

The Fire Ratings table offers a quick reference summary of design numbers, fire ratings, deck type, SFRM Spray Applied Fire Resistive material listings and more. The details of the each design assembly are listed on UL Online Certification Directory

  • Fire Rated Assemblies (UL)  PDF

Acustadek provides the extraordinary beauty of exposed steel, while providing the same noise reduction performance of common Mineral Fiber, Fiberglass, and Bio Acoustic ceiling tile systems. It is an excellent option for reducing noise inside buildings, increasing the comfort for the occupants. Acustadek is a dual-purpose panel which helps lower costs by providing an interior finish while contributing to the structural performance of the building. This is accomplished by perforating the structural steel deck and adding fiberglass batt acoustic media in the webs or in the cells of cellular deck, turning the profile into Acustadek. Our new Smooth Series™ rivets offer a clean attachment solution for the Acustadek cellular deck system.

  • Sound Absorption Data (Acustadek) PDF
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) PDF
  • Health Product Declaration (HPD) PDF
  • Recycled Content Letter PDF
  • Living Building Challenge (LBC) PDF
  • American Iron and Steel Compliance (AIS) PDF

This file contains drawings of ASC Steel Deck Profiles, details, and available attachment patterns. Drawn dimensions are approximates and may not be actual product dimensions. ASC Steel Deck does not take any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information. For any questions, please contact us via Ask ASC Steel Deck.

  • ASC Deck Profiles V1.0  PDF | ZIP
  • ASC Typical Steel Deck Details V1.0  PDF | ZIP

Download ASC Steel Deck Roof and Floor Product Specifications here.

  • ASC Steel Deck Roof Deck and DeltaGrip® Spec  PDF
  • ASC Steel Deck Floor and Form Deck Spec  PDF

Risa Floor

Risa is a structural analysis and design software that provides engineers with tools that are capable of solving design challenges and have multiple software packages. Risa Floor is one of many Risa software products which creates an intuitive floor-by-floor modeling environment for straightforward multi-story building creation. You can now select ASC Steel Deck products in Risa Floor V16.0 and start using our products on your next projects starting today.

Click HERE to visit the Risa Floor x ASC Steel Deck page for more information.

Tekla Structures

ASC Steel Deck’s complete range of roof and floor profiles is available in the Tekla Structures Profile Catalogue. Standard in 2022 SP2 and 2023 Tekla releases, these versions include all sidelap, profile, and gauge variations. For older 2021 and 2022 Tekla releases, ASC Steel Deck products can be downloaded via our free plugin by clicking HERE to visit the ASC Steel Deck Tekla Plugin download page.

Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit is a software which allows it’s users to design buildings, structures and components in 3D, with 2D drafting elements and views, and other supporting resources. ASC Steel Deck has developed a Revit Add-in including all roof, floor, and non-composite profiles for all variations of gages, materials, top and bottom finishes available.  You can now download the ASC Steel Deck Revit Add-in for free and start using our products on your next projects.

Click HERE to visit the ASC Steel Deck Revit Add-in download page.

Hilti PROFIS Engineering Diaphragm Design

Hilti PROFIS Engineering Diaphragm Design is a web-based software that helps design a cost-effective fastening solution for steel deck diaphragms. Customizable steel roof and floor deck diaphragm designs are now easy with this free web-based software. ASC Steel Deck roof and floor deck panels are included in the steel deck selection category. Access the Hilti PROFIS Engineering Diaphragm Design HERE and start designing with our products on your next projects.

Click HERE to visit the Hilti PROFIS Engineering Diaphragm Design x ASC Steel Deck page for more information.

IES VisualAnalysis

IES VisualAnalysis is a software that enables engineers and designers to analyze and evaluate the behavior and performance of structural systems by creating structural models, defining various boundary conditions, and loading conditions. IES VisualAnalysis performs linear and nonlinear analyses and finite element analysis. ASC Steel Deck products can now be found in the steel deck database of IES VisualAnalysis V22.0 released in June 2023.

Click HERE to visit the IES VisualAnalysis x ASC Steel Deck page for more information.


ARCAT directory references building products’ architectural and engineering information. Materials, manufacturers, specifications, BIM families, CAD drawings, LEED information, and certifications are all listed in one location. ASC Steel Deck’s complete family of products is now listed on ARCAT as the number one steel deck manufacturer on the platform.

Click HERE to access ASC Steel Deck products on ARCAT.

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